What Purpose does an Intermediate Guide Bracket Serve?

July 5, 2017

The Purpose of an Intermediate Guide Bracket

Many components go into making a complete packaged lift station, all of which come in different sizes and types.  When working in a basin with guide pipes exceeding 13 feet, an intermediate guide bracket is often suggested for use.  The intermediate guide bracket helps support the pipes and allows them to remain sturdy.  When dropping a pump into the ground, it is helpful to have a sturdy guide pipe system that allows the lift out flange to move freely and to not get caught on a wrong angle.  With a loose or unsupportive pipe, you may see too much bend in the guiderail which could lead to a flange being temporarily stuck.

Intermediate guide brackets are offered in a few different types. Standard intermediate guide brackets fit .75” to 1.25” guiderail piping. On a larger installation, a U-Bolt may be used to hold the intermediate in place by attaching the bracket to the discharge piping. Models like such are usually found in 1.50” or 2.00” guiderail spacing and have a 4”-12” discharge piping U-Bolt.

The intermediate guide bracket is a very crucial part to a larger lift station system. From adding support to creating an all-around more durable station, intermediate guide brackets can help significantly in majority of projects.  The Type-304 Stainless Steel is a very strong build and will serve its purpose for a very long time.

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